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When you have suffered an injury that is the result of the negligence of individual or company, you have some important decisions to make. If you decide to manage your case, expect to have problems. It is very easy to make matters worse especially if you are not familiar with the law and the legal procedures. It is enough that you are trying to regain your health without the stress of managing a legal claim.

It is important to seek the counsel of a Metairie personal injury attorney to evaluate the details of your case to take the appropriate action to seek recovery for your injury. Few people successfully negotiate with insurance adjustors. In most instances, individuals do not have the experience or knowledge to negotiate with adjusters effectively. Their job is to settle for the least amount of money. An experienced injury attorney knows all their methods and tactics. Often the fact that an attorney can file a lawsuit is a significant motivation for an adjuster to offer a larger settlement.

The Insurance Research Council stated an injury settlement is 3.5 times larger with the legal assistance of a personal injury attorney. This information is based on a 1999 study. Most authorities agree that it is in your best interest to hire an experienced attorney. As an expert in negotiation, you have the assurance of receiving fair compensation for damages. Click here to schedule a free consultation with this Metairie personal injury attorney.

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New Orleans Criminal Lawyer Evaluates Forensic Evidence

If you have been charged with a crime, you should contact a criminal justice attorney immediately. An experienced defense attorney will inform you of your options, explain your rights, and plan a defense.  If DNA testimony is a consideration,  this defense lawyer will take important steps in obtaining expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. Although juries and lawyers generally consider DNA evidence to be reliable as technology becomes more sophisticated. However, in some instances, forensic evidence is not as conclusive as once initially thought. Crime shows on television are misleading. It is not always clear cut. To minimize error and the possibility of contamination, this attorney will require a significant amount of crime scene samples with the suspect’s DNA to ensure that the results are accurate before admitted for evidence.

Judges and juries are finding that DNA evidence is not as reliable as once thought. If you don’t want to end up wrongfully incarcerated, rely on the expertise of this New Orleans criminal defense attorney to ensure that the prosecutor’s evidence is not flawed. You need an attorney that will aggressively fight for your freedom, and explore every possible option on your behalf.  For more information, visit this New Orleans Criminal Lawyer Website.

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Personal Injury Attorney Covington Encourages Safe Driving Practices

injuryMany people drive an automobile when they are tired or sleepy and are unable to properly concentrate on driving. This scenario is a very dangerous condition for other drivers and passengers as well. Although we all agree that it is unacceptable to drive when tired, most of us are guilty of this action and it is absolutely a poor decision to jeopardize your life and the lives of others. More education about sleep safety is important. All of us have heard “do not drink or text while driving,” but the importance of proper sleep, especially for long distance driving cannot be over emphasized.
Just dozing off at high speeds can mean death. It only takes a few seconds to run off the road, flip your car, or hit another. Being tired impairs your judgment with a slower reaction time. One study compares the effects of a lack of sleep to alcohol intoxication.

If you are anticipating a long car trip, try to get adequate sleep the night before you drive. Inviting a passenger to accompany you and share driving responsibility is helpful. Taking an occasional break for a cup of coffee or cold drink is a good idea. The caffeine will help keep you focused on the road. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who do not take these precautions and hundred of people die each year as a result of negligence.

In the event that you or a family member has sustained injuries in an automobile accident caused by a sleepy driver, contact The Upton Law Firm, LLC to discuss your options with you.

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