New Orleans Criminal Lawyer Evaluates Forensic Evidence

If you have been charged with a crime, you should contact a criminal justice attorney immediately. An experienced defense attorney will inform you of your options, explain your rights, and plan a defense.  If DNA testimony is a consideration,  this defense lawyer will take important steps in obtaining expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. Although juries and lawyers generally consider DNA evidence to be reliable as technology becomes more sophisticated. However, in some instances, forensic evidence is not as conclusive as once initially thought. Crime shows on television are misleading. It is not always clear cut. To minimize error and the possibility of contamination, this attorney will require a significant amount of crime scene samples with the suspect’s DNA to ensure that the results are accurate before admitted for evidence.

Judges and juries are finding that DNA evidence is not as reliable as once thought. If you don’t want to end up wrongfully incarcerated, rely on the expertise of this New Orleans criminal defense attorney to ensure that the prosecutor’s evidence is not flawed. You need an attorney that will aggressively fight for your freedom, and explore every possible option on your behalf.  For more information, visit this New Orleans Criminal Lawyer Website.

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